Pizza Friday

What is Pizza Friday?

Parent Circle coordinates the delivery and distribution of pizza to children at Circle of Seasons Charter School. Families must place an order for each child (online or via paper form) by the order deadline to be included - you can choose to order by the session (5, 6 or 7 weeks at a time) or for the entire year. Volunteers distribute pizza to each classroom during lunch periods. Pizza Friday is a school fundraiser and helps support students and staff throughout the year.

Pizza Friday

Please note the following Pizza Friday Policies!

  • There will be no pro-rated ordering. You must order by the deadline to be included in the round. Students will not be added to the order after the due date or in later weeks.

  • Pizza will only be served to children who are attending school on the day of their order.

  • There will be no "take out" or transfer of pizza to other students or siblings allowed. If your child is absent on a "Pizza Day" please consider your pizza to be a donation. Unused pizza will be offered to the grateful and hardworking staff of COS.

  • No refunds will be offered due to pre-ordering requirements. We're sorry but there are no exceptions to this. Any unused pizza will be offered to our grateful and hard working COS staff members and we ask that you please accept that your payment has been used as a donation to support our school.

In an effort to continue our efforts to protect the planet, we will no longer be using paper plates. Last year over 6,300 paper plates were thrown away just from Pizza Friday!

We have provided two options for you to help us be more sustainable this year.

1. Send in a reusable, washable plate with your child labeled with their name to keep at school.


2. Purchase an eco-friendy plate made from recycled materials from Parent Circle. Your child's plate will be labeled with their name and delivered to their classroom teacher. You can add this option to your paper or online order.

** Some classrooms already have a set of plates that they use each week, if your child is in one of these classrooms your child will not need a plate. Please check with your classroom teacher if you are unsure if they already use reusable plates**

VOLUNTEERs needed!

please sign up here to be a pizza friday helper!


*Paper order forms will no longer be offered *

Please order your pizza using our online system. If you have a need to pay using a check or cash please contact us directly at


2/21, 2/28, 3/6, 3/12 (THURSDAY), 4/3 , 4/9 (THURSDAY)

6 Week Pricing

1 slice per week for 6 weeks - $13.50

2 slices per week for 6 weeks - $27.00

3 slices per week for 6 weeks - $40.50

11 Week Pricing

1 slice per week for 11 weeks - $24.75

2 slices per week for 11 weeks - $49.50

3 slices per week for 11 weeks $74.25


Please checkout separately for each student!

Plates and pizza orders for a single students CAN be combined in on check out!

Checking out separately for each child helps us reduce ordering errors!

If you check out with multiple students in one order, our system does not properly handle the information and one of your orders could be missed.

1. Choose your order.

2. Enter your child's name and teacher's name.

3. Click add to cart (this will open another window on your browser).

4. If you do NOT want to purchase a reusable plate: You are ready to check out. *If you do not purchase a plate you will need to send one in from home.

5. If you DO want to add a plate to your order: Click back to this page and select "add a reusable plate" then click add to cart. Both items will appear in your cart in the other tab and you will be ready to pay!

6. Pay for your order.

7. Once your order is paid for, go back to step 1 to order again if you need to order for additional students.

Session 4







Session 5






Make-Up dates




*In the instance that a snow day or other school cancellation would fall on a previously scheduled Pizza Day, pizza will be served on these dates.